Agriculture, even though it is a more traditional field, has seen improvements based on newer technologies. AI can help the Agriculture industry grow further.

If you operate in the Agricultural sector, Imaginary Cloud can build custom AI tools to help you expand your roots.

AI can help forecast crop production so that farmers can adjust their strategy and improve crop yields. Understanding the possible outcomes can have a huge impact on the decision process of your company and Imaginary Cloud can build custom tools to help you plan the future of your business.
With AI solutions, we can gather insights over resource consumption such as water and electricity, and reduce possible wastes. If you intend to reduce the waste and maximize your profits, Imaginary Cloud can design tailored solutions to help you reach your full potential.
Computer Vision algorithms can also help to detect crop diseases and prevent their spread. Having insights on the crop health can prove beneficial in the long-term and reduce the impact of such unwanted occurrences. If you want to maintain the quality of your products, Imaginary Cloud can help you with your needs.

Revolutionize the way you work with AI and reach new heights with Imaginary Cloud.


The applications of AI in the Construction sector are immense. From predicting costs to estimating construction periods, AI can improve the overall efficiency and time spent on planning steps.

If you want to reach new heights using AI, Imaginary Cloud will provide technical solutions tailored to your needs.

The more obvious application of AI in the construction industry is to predict budgets. If sufficient data from previous projects is available, AI technology can accurately predict the budget and timeframe needed for a new project. Imaginary Cloud can provide AI tools to help you mitigate the risks associated with cost overruns and delays.
Analyzing data can provide insights over the team’s performance and help you understand how to develop projects more efficiently. AI can also aid in planning what type of machinery should be used and when it should be requested. Imaginary Cloud can build solutions to help you improve the efficiency of your team and decrease budgets.
AI can help predict future issues and warn the team before they happen. This way, time and resources can be saved down the line. Imaginary Cloud can help with this type of solution using predictive algorithms to minimize the occurrence of unforeseen events.

Make part of the frontier of companies that elevate their projects using AI.


At the level of an entire nation, Education is probably the most important activity to ensure its future prosperity. Parents and the youth also realize how important education is for their future, often greatly investing to acquire the best education possible. This opens the door to competition between private and public institutions to provide the best service possible to their students. This competition greatly incentivises these institutions to invest highly in improving the quality of their education while streamlining their operations.

If your institution needs help improving its operations, Imaginary Cloud can provide custom AI solutions to fulfill your needs.

The best educational institutions will invest deeply in ensuring that students are on the right path to success as they leave the institution, which can include, for example, getting a first job. This requires great planning and analysis of market data to ensure that the number of students enrolled in each course and degree meets the demand and that skills learned during the degree are up to date and also in demand. Imaginary Cloud can build tools that will help you understand the markets and predict demand for particular skills.
Task automation will also play a major role in helping teachers. This can include grading tests and homework assignments, filing paperwork, making progress reports and managing teaching materials. Imaginary Cloud can help by building systems that automate some or most of the repetitive tasks currently done by teachers, so that teachers can focus on what matters most.

Using the latest technology in education will ensure that students and parents remain happy and that the future of the new generations will be bright.


AI finds multiple applications in the energy industry. It allows for better usage of equipment and improves overall efficiency.

If you’re looking to energize your business with AI, Imaginary Cloud will build cutting edge solutions tailored to your needs.

The Energy sector is being increasingly aware and concerned about the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment. AI can provide insight and estimations of the emissions a certain system can produce in a given time period. Imaginary Cloud can provide such information and help create a more sustainable future.
Mechanical infrastructures tend to fail. Defective components can cause considerable losses to the company in both time spent and resources allocated to repair or substitute the components. AI powered by computer vision and analytics processes can raise alerts on possible components defects and reduce maintenance costs.
Forecasting methods can provide accurate estimations of the energy demand from a short-term perspective and allow more assertive decision-making. Imaginary Cloud can help you understand more accurately your demand evolution so your decision process can be tailored to your needs.

AI is coming to stay in the Energy Industry. With Imaginary Cloud we can energyze new solutions and understand how to continuously improve together.


Finance was one of the industries that went the fastest through its digital transformation. Most of the financial operations that are carried out today have already been substantially or fully automated. Often, this automation is done using AI technology, to replace certain parts of the financial processes that typically require human judgment.

If your business operates in the financial sector, Imaginary Cloud can help you with the implementation of AI technology to improve your business’ performance.

At the very core of the Financial sector lies the credit/debt market. When approving loans, banking institutions go through an extensive process to ensure that the risk of default is below a certain threshold. This process often involves analyzing different data points about the person or organization that is applying for the loan and the characteristics of the loan agreement itself. When dealing with thousands of loan applications, processing this information manually becomes too cumbersome. Imaginary Cloud can help you automate this process by providing custom credit risk assessment systems, which can be tuned to your needs, and provide you with explainable and automatic credit risk assessments.
Another key activity in the Finance industry is portfolio management. Banking and Investment institutions are typically responsible for managing millions or billions of dollars in assets from their clients. Good portfolio management involves a mix of accurately predicting market fluctuations and a proper risk/reward equilibrium. Imaginary Cloud can build AI systems that help you manage your portfolios more effectively, helping you choose diverse and uncorrelated investments that will minimize your risk/reward ratio, and predict fluctuations in the markets which you may take advantage of.

Bring your business to the next level with the most advanced Fintech solutions and ensure that your institution outperforms every competitor.


With AI technology having already substantially dominated the private sector, it is understood by the general population that the public sector should also start digitizing some of its services and operations. Furthermore, data-driven decision making can be taken to a national level since nations have control and access to vast amounts of data which could be used to make better decisions. In general, it is in the best interest of nations to invest in technology advancements that improve the lives of millions of their citizens, thus making a return on investment often in the order of billions of dollars.

Imaginary Cloud can build solutions to help Governments combat issues at a national or even global level.

Having access to nation-wide data gives governments a unique position to make truly data-driven decisions. This often involves creating complex socio-economic models to predict factors such as employment, industrial productivity, imports and exports, housing, health and education access, income distribution, consumer expenditure and many others. All these distributions are connected to one another and modeling them all effectively can only be done with assistance from computers. Imaginary Cloud can build and tune these computer models to fit the data as well as possible, thus allowing governments to test the impact of new policies and plan investments better.
Managing infrastructure is key to maintaining order in society. This can include transportation, healthcare, educational and security infrastructure, energy and water distribution, telecommunications networks, etc. Choosing how to best allocate resources poses a massive logistical challenge that can often only be solved using computational techniques. Imaginary Cloud can build custom tools to monitor and control transit, to plan hospital and school locations and budget, to efficiently allocate security budgets, effectively control water and energy production and distribution, balancing load across telecommunication networks, and many other applications, so that public infrastructure can keep running smoothly.

Start using this technology and you will see massive improvements in your governments operations and across the entire nation.


There are few industries more complex than healthcare. Although tremendous scientific advances have been made, our understanding of living beings is still very much a work-in-progress. As such, AI technology finds diverse uses in this sector, from diagnosis of diseases to drug engineering.

If your company operates in the healthcare industry, Imaginary Cloud can help you by providing custom AI solutions for multiple aspects of your business.

Medical diagnosis is one of the most difficult problems to solve generally. This is the case because many symptoms can be caused by multiple different diseases, making the inverse deduction of diseases a problem that must be tackled step-by-step, choosing which medical exams should be performed to gain a maximum amount of information about the patient, until eventually a disease or a combination of diseases is found. This task requires extensive knowledge about which diseases produce which symptoms and which exams can be performed to detect those symptoms, so only the most experienced practitioners can reliably diagnose the most complicated cases. Imaginary Cloud can build AI technology which will greatly improve the diagnosis of patients, by encoding knowledge about diseases into an expert system that helps doctors diagnose patients and choose which exams should be performed.

Strengthen your healthcare business by using the latest AI technology and ensure you will always be healthier than the competition.


Almost any business has to deal with Logistics in one form or another. Good logistics ensures that operations run smoothly and that overhead costs are minimized.

If you are facing complex logistics decisions, Imaginary Cloud can build tools that find solutions to ensure optimal operational efficiency.

Supply chain management is key to achieving a lean operation and improving efficiency. Optimizing these aspects of your business will ensure that costs and risks are minimized and that production will flow smoothly. Supply chain management can be formulated as an optimization problem, where the goal is to choose suppliers taking into account the cost of their products, transportation costs, supply agreements, their quality assurance and the risk of a stock outage. Imaginary Cloud can build solutions to help you plan which suppliers to choose in advance and based on your own criteria, so that your supply chain is optimized.
Distribution networks can also be subject to extensive optimization. This can include optimizing vehicle choice, route choice, driver schedules, package packing, distribution center location, package sorting, and many other aspects. Such an extensive optimization must often be broken down into sub-problems such that each can be solved independently from the others. Imaginary Cloud can provide you with custom tools to automate your logistics decisions, so that you can be sure that you have an optimal distribution operation.

With all these logistics optimizations and demand forecasting methods, you will ensure that your logistics department is operating as efficiently as possible.


The Manufacturing Industry has perhaps some of the most complex processes and also the slimmest margins. This means that slight improvements in operational efficiency can mean enormous decreases in overall costs leading to higher profits. These improvements can be made in multiple areas, from an assembly line and supply chain management to automation of quality control and robotic processes.

If your company manufactures goods on a large scale, Imaginary Cloud can build systems to automate different parts of your business, thus improving your margins.

Quality Control is a key activity for any manufacturer. An important step in the manufacturing of almost any good is a visual inspection of the products, to ensure that there are no visible defects. This task can become very time-consuming when done by humans, but fortunately, it can also be done reliably using cameras and computer vision algorithms. These algorithms can be trained to quickly detect imperfections in your products, so that they can be deviated from the assembly line and manually inspected. Imaginary Cloud builds computer solutions that can automatically detect visible defects at any point of your production line.
Maintenance is an essential part of any manufacturing business. Manufacturing processes often require the use of complex machines for certain tasks, and the product of the manufacturing process might itself be a machine. Many machines are engineered to require maintenance, since often these machines use consumable parts, and it is often cheaper to replace parts periodically than to build a machine that lasts throughout its whole life-cycle without requiring maintenance. When planning for machine maintenance, businesses need to schedule check-ups not so often that the maintenance costs are too high, nor so rarely that the machines may break, leading to higher repair costs. A better solution lies in Predictive Maintenance. Imaginary Cloud can provide you tools to monitor data from the machine’s sensors in real-time, and forecast when a machine will break, so that it can be called in for maintenance before failure, thus avoiding both repair costs and preemptive maintenance costs.

Using the latest AI technologies will massively increase your manufacturing productivity and improve your bottom line.

Real State

Real Estate has traditionally been one of the industries that have relied the least on technology. This happens because real estate agencies rely on independent (commission-based) real estate brokers to handle all the aspects of listing, viewings, negotiations and closing. Therefore, having outdated processes just means that real estate brokers have a harder job and are less productive, which can easily be compensated by enrolling more real estate brokers. This leads to a great saturation of the real estate broker market, with few having good results but most having poor or inconsistent numbers. This makes the Real Estate industry highly inefficient, requiring very high commissions and overhead costs to keep real estate brokers from quitting.

Imaginary Cloud can help you with your journey into the digital world.

The key strategy to escape this situation is to heavily digitalize the Real Estate industry. If a particular real estate agency decides to follow this strategy, it will highly improve the productivity of each real estate broker. Having automated property valuations allows sellers to more easily agree to list their property and having digital twins of properties allows buyers to more easily narrow their preferences, requiring fewer viewings. All of this means that a single real estate broker can manage more deals in parallel and more effectively close each one. Real estate brokers will quickly see the value in your technology-driven agency, allowing you to reduce broker commissions by ensuring that commissions are received more often. This in turn will allow you to reduce the total sales commission paid by the seller, allowing you to increase your share of the market.
Using the latest AI technology, Imaginary Cloud can build tools to automate different aspects of your business, from property evaluations, document processing and client interactions, to the creation of digital interactive models of your properties so that buyers can have a true-to-life and immersive experience while browsing through your website.

With all these tools at your disposal, you will make the competition look like an attic studio next to your 5 room downtown penthouse.


The Retail industry has been deeply transformed by the digital revolution and is still constantly evolving thanks to AI technology. From optimization, monitoring and automation of physical stores to e-commerce and personalized product recommendations, there is a clear place for AI in Retail and retailers will have to keep reinventing themselves to stay competitive.

If you are looking to outperform your competitors, Imaginary Cloud can build custom AI solutions that will improve your operations and customer experience.

AI technology can help you improve user experience in e-commerce stores. One of the earliest uses of AI algorithms in e-commerce is personalized product recommendations. Targeted product recommendations greatly increase the life-time value of your customers. Other more recent uses of AI include virtual try-on booths using computer vision and augmented reality technology, voice search of products with speech recognition technology or visual search to help clients use an image of a product to find other products with similar appearance. Imaginary Cloud can build such systems so that customers will have a personalized and improved experience.
Physical retail stores are also being transformed by the use of AI. This includes cashier-less stores that use computer vision technology to identify which products customers have added to their baskets, robotic assistants that guide shoppers to the products that they desire, and behavior tracking systems to help retailers optimize store layout. Imaginary Cloud can build custom systems that will take your customer experience to the next level.

Retailers will keep needing to invest in new technologies to stay ahead of the competition so make sure you are taking advantage of everything AI has to offer.


From keeping information private to detecting malicious threats, security is a must in every company. Artificial intelligence plays a massive role in preventing unwanted interventions, such as phishing or unauthorized access to confidential information.

Imaginary Cloud can help tackle hostile intents, promoting a safe environment for a company to grow.

Nowadays, especially in a working environment, we are overwhelmed with large amounts of emails. Some of these emails might contain wrongful links with the idea of stealing one’s information. Imaginary Cloud can provide AI solutions to create an additional layer of protection to avoid these situations.
One of the most valuable resources in digitized industries is data. Companies’ servers are under constant threat from external attackers and a large portion of internet traffic is caused through bots, which operate autonomously. These bots can compromise the company’s resources and impose unnecessary risks. Imaginary Cloud can provide solutions to detect suspicious patterns and limit the impact of bots, maintaining the smooth performance of your company systems.

AI can provide protection, guarantee that your business is safe and provide a secure environment for your company to grow to its full potential.


Sports are becoming increasingly more technologically advanced, not just in terms of the specific equipment used by athletes, but also in the way they are broadcasted and how coaches use AI and advanced analysis techniques to create better strategies.

If you are looking to gain a competitive advantage, Imaginary Cloud can build solutions to take your game to the next level.

Analyzing video recordings of sports matches is a technique that has been widely used to understand key strong points and weaknesses of teams. With today’s technology, videos can be augmented using object detection and pose estimation technology. This allows coaches to analyze key statistics and uncover hidden patterns across multiple matches. This can include, for example, on which positions certain players are more effective, which kinds of passes lead to a higher chance of scoring, which strategies are the opponents using to bypass the defenses. Imaginary Cloud can help you by building software that will allow you to analyze games in a whole new way.
This very same computer vision technology can also be used to analyze player performance. Teams can use this technology to scout talented players, often leading to the acquisition of players that end up with a 10 or 100 times valuation within a period of a few years. Player analysis is also often used to make predictions about the outcome of matches, with bettors increasingly relying on this technology to improve their predictions. Imaginary Cloud can build technology that helps scout new talented players and predict the outcome of matches.

AI can add a new level to sports, allowing every last bit of performance to be achieved and improving the experience for both players and spectators.


With AI being a direct result of the information technology sector, you may imagine that it is in this sector that it finds most of its applications. Intrinsically, AI is computer code, and can therefore be integrated into any software, website, mobile application, enterprise system, or other computer programs. AI is also widely used in the closely related telecommunications sector, in which it also finds multiple applications.

Imaginary Cloud can build any custom software tool using AI and Machine Learning technology, adapting entirely to your business needs and constraints.

Most internet businesses rely on websites and mobile applications for the core of their operations, and as a channel for sales and marketing purposes. Analyzing traffic patterns and optimizing websites to increase sales is therefore extremely important to keep a business running healthily. Using automated chatbots and personalized product recommendations is also a great way to lead users to where they want to go. Doing this ensures that users are directed to the most important sections of the website and end up buying a product or subscribing to a service. Imaginary Cloud can help you analyze usage patterns to understand where you can improve your website or mobile application, and help you add new AI features to your website or app.
Sometimes an AI algorithm can be the centerpiece of an entire web or software product. There are already a lot of AI-based products, including for example, chat robots and voice assistants, language learning apps, camera apps with augmented reality or face-editing features, matchmaking apps, apps that match customers with a product or service provider, apps that help children with homework, that identify or extract lyrics from songs, that translate text or speech, that manage your finances, health or schedule, and even AI-based games. The list of possible applications for AI is enormous. If you have an idea for an AI-based product, Imaginary Cloud can help you bring your idea to life.

The world of possibilities is endless when using AI and many of the applications of AI are yet to be uncovered. Be sure to ride the wave of innovation and do not get left behind.


The transportation industry, as many others, also has the potential to be improved with the help of AI. From self-driving cars to more feasible approaches to today's transportation solutions, AI has and will continue to have a huge impact on this industry for the years to come.

If you are looking to improve the way you distribute products or maximize the impact you can have in the transportation industry, Imaginary Cloud can help you in that journey.

SAI has been gaining tremendous attention in the transportation industry largely due to advances in self-driving and driver assisting technology. Autonomous driving is one of the most complex tasks that has ever been tackled by AI. This problem is often subdivided into a perception task, a control task and a navigation task. The perception task is handled mostly by computer vision, often lidar technology and sometimes existing maps of the environment, which are all combined using sensor fusion to create a unique 3D representation of the environment. This representation is human engineered and must include road layout, road markings, traffic signs and lights, other vehicles, pedestrians, bikes and other obstacles. A human engineered control algorithm is then used to calculate the actuation of the vehicle’s pedals and steering based on the captured 3D representation and the desired destination of the vehicle. Lastly, a GPS navigation system is used to indicate to the control algorithm which roads it should follow. Some implementations of this technology fuse the perception and control tasks, using AI to predict vehicle control actuations directly from video inputs, thus bypassing the human engineering previously required. Autonomous driving technology will bring enormous benefits to the transportation industry and to drivers in general, allowing distribution companies to have autonomous truck fleets, massively reducing costs, allowing drivers to relax in their commute or even opt to use autonomous ride-sharing services. Furthermore, autonomous driving technology will significantly reduce road accidents and fatalities since vehicle behavior will become more predictive. If you want to follow the road of autonomous vehicles, Imaginary Cloud can help you cruise smoothly by providing top-level AI expertise and building custom solutions for your business.

AI can help you improve the comfort of your journeys and maximize your business’ profits while maintaining every last bit of safety.


The use of AI in the travel and tourism sectors is growing every day. The latest AI technologies are utilized for a variety of things: enhancing personalization, improving travel routes, optimizing security checks in the airports, and ensuring quick response times to tourist requests.

If traveling is your business, Imaginary Cloud will help you fly further with specialized AI tools to improve your operations.

Building AI-based recommendation engines is a very obvious application here, but also is a major factor in increasing sales and bringing back your loyal travelers. If you are an online travel agency eager to automate your recommendations and bring value out of your existing customer data, Imaginary Cloud can help you with this task.
Social media is always listening to you. Airlines and hotels are using this technology in combination with AI to identify the emotions of travelers across social media and how they relate to their journey. For example, if a customer posts a particular flight delay and expresses frustration, a listening tool analyzes it and interacts with the customer in real-time. If you are in need to automate Sentiment Analysis of your clients’ posts, our Data Science team can do it for you.

Don’t miss the chance to keep the level of customer satisfaction high.